"I want all moms to build purposeful careers or businesses so that they can live the life they desire -- for themselves, and for their families." - Laura Lorentz

You know you are more than JUST a mom. You want a professional life that is fulfilling and makes an impact. You want to be compensated for the value that you bring. And, you want to balance the demands of work and motherhood. 

You want all of these things, but lack clarity, direction and/or courage.

The things that you want are possible, but they won't just come to you. They require believing in yourself and TAKING ACTION. I was in your shoes. I know what it takes to move forward. Working with me 1:1 will help get you the clarity, direction, and courage you need in a shorter amount of time than you working on your own. We will meet (virtually via Zoom) on a weekly basis for 3 months (or 12 sessions). You will also have access to me for questions via email in between sessions. During this time, I will help you identify your purpose, break down your limiting beliefs and take confident action towards achieving your professional goals, all while balancing the demands of motherhood. I know my process works because I followed it. If you are ready to feel fulfilled in your professional & personal life, let's connect!