You know you are here for a BIG PURPOSE. You are here to share your magic and change many lives.

But as you’ve discovered…

Turning your soul’s purpose into a profitable & scalable business (without burnout or over complicating things) sounds like a dream more than a reality right now.


Let the magic begin 💫

You’ve tried biz strategies that worked for other people, but it did not give you the results you were hoping for and it didn’t feel fun or easy at all!

You know you have incredible products or services to share, but you struggle with communicating just how amazing they really are.

You’ve got a million ideas swirling in your head, but don’t know which direction to go so you feel stuck.

Building & growing your business does not need to be complicated, draining, or hard work.

You can grow your business in a way that feels aligned to you without…

  •  Doing all the things that the ‘experts’ tell you that you NEED to do
  •  Having a 10k+ following
  •  Showing up all the time on social media
  •  Paying for ads

Projectors - feeling the need to do all the things, forcing sales, implementing strategies that rely on you showing up all the time, burning out and shaming yourself for the much needed recovery time

Generators - draining your life force energy by following what works for the ‘Experts’ even though it doesn’t light you up. Which leaves you frustrated and exhausted.

Manifesting Generators - wasting so much time trying to fit yourself in a box because every business coach says you need to Niche down

Manifestors - dimming yourself or following the ‘proven methods’ because you’re not ready to create your own path

Reflectors - implementing a strategy that doesn’t allow flexibility, sharing surface level content and not allowing yourself to express the true depth of your wisdom leaving you feeling stuck

I'm ready to make a change!

As a Projector, I see you so clearly. I see your highest potential as well as what’s not working and what’s holding you back. 

We don’t need to work together for 3 months, 6 months or a year to make massive shifts.

This 1:1 Accelerator is all about bringing awareness to how you are designed to run your business, what’s not aligned to that and making massive shifts. It’s that SIMPLE.

We will review your offers, social media, marketing, sales strategy, and day-to day operations in order to align and optimize based on your design.

You will walk away feeling completely clear on the next steps in your business with a revised business strategy that is completely aligned to you!


✨A comprehensive audit questionnaire to understand your current business - $1000 Value

6 hours of 1:1 Coaching Calls - $2400 Value

Unlimited Voxer Support M-F for 6 weeks - $2000 Value 

A deeper understanding of your most authentic self, allowing you to live a more free & aligned life - PRICELESS

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Access to Empowered Essence, my signature Human Design & Business course ($555 Value)

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