You’re here to be a leader.

You create a ripple effect when you unlock your purpose and step into your power. It awakes others and permits them to step into their power and purpose, too.

More and more people begin to take on leadership roles based on their own inner guidance, not what society dictates as “right” or “successful"

This is Aligned Leadership.

Human Design is the roadmap. It is here to show you & your clients how LIMITLESS you truly are.


YES, I'm In!










YES, I'm In!

This program is perfect for you if...

You have an interest in Human Design. 

You’ve read all the books, taken courses, googled, and had a personal Human Design Reading, but it feels like you’ve barely scratched the surface. You’re trying to piece it all together on your own but desire someone to lay it all out for you.

You know Human Design has had such a profound impact on your life, and you want to be able to introduce it to others.

You desire to see your clients so deeply that you can create massive breakthroughs and transformations. 

You want to build a highly sought-after business helping people reclaim their power, step into their purpose and live a life they dreamed about

I'm Ready


Are you:

  • A Business or Life Coach
  • An Online Entrepreneur or Service Provider
  • A Therapist or Mental Health Expert
  • A Teacher 
  • A Parent or Parenting Coach/Expert
  • A Healer or Intuitive
  • A Health Coach or Practitioner
  • Anyone looking to deepen their understanding & embodiment of the Human Design System


Then this certification is for YOU!

In the Aligned Leadership Certification

  • You will receive Human Design teachings in a simple and easy to understand way
  • You will easily gain authority because of the confidence you will have in Human Design Concepts
  • You will be able to see your clients deeper than ever before, leaving them feeling so seen and validated
  • You will elevate your current service offers by understanding, empowering and identifying your clients behavioural patterns
  • You will be surrounded by a community of powerful, heart-centered women who encourage and support you
  • You will add new income streams / opportunities to your business, including, Human Design Readings, programs, VIP days, etc.
  • You will be supported through your own embodiment journey (because the best leaders are those who go first)

what our community members are saying:

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Presale Registration Includes:

Empowered Essence HD x Biz Course (Value $555)


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2 Payments


Over 2 Months

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4 Payments


Over 4 Months

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8 Payments


Over 8 Months

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What you will learn during the 5-month LIVE Certification

  • History & Foundations of Human Design
  • The Five Energy Types, Strategy, Not Self Theme & Signature
  • The Seven Authorities & their impact on decision making
  • The 12 Profiles
  • The 64 Gates
  • The Nine Energy Centres & Deconditioning
  • The 36 Channels & Circuitry
  • Variables (The four arrows)
  • Planets & their influence
  • Incarnation Cross (Your Purpose)

Aligned Leadership Certification:

  • Live & Recorded Content
  • Supportive Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Open Book Quizzes throughout to ensure understanding of concepts
  • Journal prompts & exercises to deepen your embodiment & learning
  • Opportunities for Support & Feedback 
  • Final Assignment: Recorded Reading to complete certification. 


Access to Empowered Essence, the signature HD x Biz Course (A $555 Value)