The Mom Ambition Mastermind

Learn how to create and launch a heart-centred business in 12 weeks with Mama & Entrepreneur, Laura Lorentz


This Mastermind is for the Mama who:

  • Believes she is meant for more

  • Feels stuck in a job or business that leaves her unfulfilled

  • Feels like she doesn't have enough time for her kids

  • Feels like she can never be present in the moment

  • Doesn't know how she can be a mom & have professional success

  • Doesn't feel adequately compensated for what she is capable of 

  • Doesn't have a support system to elevate her in her professional endeavours

Imagine if you could...

  • Build a business on maternity leave and not have to return to your job 

  • Or, build that side hustle you've been dreaming of

  • Be truly excited and love what you do every day

  • Have more flexibility & time to spend with your kids

  • Surround yourself with a community of like minded Mamapreneurs who will cheer you on, provide advice & help celebrate your successes

  • Learn how to build a business the right way from Day 1

  • Save time & money searching for answers to your business question

  • Earn $$$ to your potential

The Ideal Mama for this program includes:

  • You have a business idea, but don't have the business background or don't know how to bring it to life

  • You have many business ideas, but not sure which one to pick

  • You don't have a business idea, but know that you are meant for more and open to exploring 

  • You already have a business, but not earning what you would like to make

  • You are open to coaching & feedback

  • You are non-judgemental towards others & bring a positive attitude

About Laura

Laura's claim to fame is that she went from zero clarity to building & launching her coaching business in less than 3 months. She believes that with the right strategy, community & a whole lot of courage, anyone can do the same.


As a mom, she started her business for two reasons: (1) To show her daughter how important it is to follow your heart, and (2) To do something she loved so that she could be more present with her daughter.


Laura is living out her dream right now and she is dedicated to helping moms do the same. She believes that when a mom is fulfilled in her professional life, she is happier, more present, & ultimately, a better mother because of it. 

The Mom Ambition Mastermind Schedule

Week 1

Setting your Vision & Mission Statement

Week 2 

Target Market & Market Research

Week 3

Your Mindset

Week 4

Building Your Content / Offering

Week 5  

Q&A with Laura

Week 6

Social Media

Week 7

Business Generation & Marketing

Week 8

Your Energy

Week 9

Planning your Launch

Week 10

Networking & Collaboration

Week 11

Q&A with Laura

Week 12

Closing Sales

One 1:1 Coaching Session

Value $300

12 Weekly Group Calls

Value $3600

Mastermind Workbook

Value $100

Private Members Only Facebook Group

Value $1000

Guest Experts

Value $1000

The Mastermind provides over $6000 worth of value for a fraction of the cost!

Join TODAY for only $1497

Frequently asked questions

When does the Mastermind start?

Tuesday, June 2nd

How often are the Group Mastermind Calls?

Weekly for 12 weeks (June 2 - August 18)

What if I can't make a scheduled call?

All calls will be recorded (via Zoom) and posted in the Members only Facebook Group

Are payment plans available?

Yes. There are 3 options: 1. Pay in full 2. Two payments 3. Three payments

What if I don't have my business idea figured out?

My advice is JUST START. Calrity will come. When I joined my first Mastermind, I didn't have full clarity. But, as I conducted research and started engaging with my social media following, that clarity came. Jumping in is the best way to get clarity - ask any Entrepreneur :)

What if I already have a business?

If you don't feel like you are earning to your potential, this program will help you reassess your business and find ways to improve your offering, marketing and/or business model

What is the time commitment?

We have weekly calls that will run 1-2 hours in length. Outside of that, you can put in as much time as you think is needed to make your business successful.

Do you guarantee success?

The short answer, No. I give you the tools you need to be successful, but your success depends on the effort you put in.

How many people will be let into the program?

The program will be capped at 15 to allow for interactive education on the calls.

Are you ready to build the business of your dreams?