The Pivot: Birthing Energy Weaving

Today, Laura shares the journey of how she has pivoted her business from human design to NOW offering Energy Weaving Sessions where she uses the healing modality to guide you in finding your path and your purpose.

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In This Episode, Laura Talks About:

  • Power of trusting yourself, trusting your soul
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Being your own guide and not listening to outside influences
  • Leading business from your soul
  • Meditating clearing techniques by Weaving Energetic field
  • Confirmation of having a gift
  • Bringing women together to change the world
  • Protecting and grounding your energy to live out your purpose


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Laura is a Human Design Expert, Reiki Master Practitioner, Business Coach, & Best Selling Author who is passionate about empowering women to tap into their individuality and intuition to live a life that is wildly expansive and purposeful. Laura undertook a soul-searching journey to find her purpose, leading to a major personal transformation. In the process, she found Human Design, which helped her heal a lot of the conditioning placed upon her growing up. This allowed her to tap into her most authentic self and regain her power, passion & purpose in life. Laura has made it her mission to empower women to do the same.

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