From Hiding to Thriving with Andrea Nino de Guzman

Welcome, Andrea Nino de Guzman - Transformation Catalyst

Andrea Niño de Guzman is a 6/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator and a Transformation Catalyst.

After 15+ years in the corporate sector, running two 8-figure businesses, and burning out in the process, she left the corporate life in 2019 to build her own personal transformation business.

Her place of service is to help Hiding Solopreneurs evolve into Thriving Soulpreneurs by recalibrating their business and up-leveling their beliefs so that they can expand their impact and live a life of financial peace.

She holds bachelor’s degrees in Business and Economics and a Masters degree in Corporate Finance

She is a professional certified Life and Neuro Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a board-certified Hypnosis Consultant, Energy Healer, EFT Tapping practitioner, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner, and a Quantum Human Design Level III Specialist.

Today she spends her time mentoring tech startups, helping entrepreneurs train their brain for success, and supporting coaches expand their impact worldwide.

She believes that if we begin doing business from our authenticity and aligned with our unique way of processing energy, we can be more sustainable, more successful and have a greater impact in our communities. For that to happen we need to decondition ourselves, free ourselves from the “old rules” of doing business and begin telling a more empowering tale of who we are, what we are capable of and what we can achieve. It’s not about fixing what is wrong with you but about embracing your inner perfection.

Fun facts about Andrea: She is raising a blended family of 6 kids total, loves to run, is a terrible cook but a great baker, and loves her daily dose of chocolate. She was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia, and spent several years living in Panama, Austria and the US.

In This Episode, They Talk About:

  • Showing up in my posts, communications and business from that essence of who you are instead of trying to be somebody who I am not 
  • The three steps From Hiding to Thriving
  • Giving yourself permission to do things differently and showing up as your authentic self
  • Holding yourself from a place of love and compassion
  • Long game and staying committed
  • Building unshakable trust in yourself
  • The experience of changes, pivots in our business
  • Changing mindset from being an employee mindset to the entrepreneur mindset and deconditioning
  • Regulating your time

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