Intuition: Part 2

Today, Laura shares that feeling when you scroll social media, and you feel like that heaviness, you're taking on what other people think, their feelings, their thoughts, all of the things, you know, that feeling of scrolling social media. So that's you being present on social media. Even when you are not present on social media, your energy and your energy field are available to people 24 seven.

As an entrepreneur, what we want to do is ground, protect, and clear that energy field so that you can come back to your energetic sovereignty.

In This Episode, Laura Talks About:

  • Tapping into your Allies, Guides, Teachers, and Ascended Masters to operate from a more precise space, which in turn allows for better business decisions
  • STEPS to ENERGETIC MASTERY listed below:
  • Grounding and protecting your energetic field
  • Clearing energetic leaks by using Allies and guides to support you
  • Your Intuition while connecting with Allies and Guides supports your decision-making, client work, and creative process. 
  • Space clearing of social media so your energy is not impacting you
  • Creating solid and energetic standards and boundaries.

Where to find Laura


Laura is an Energy Healer and Intuitive Business Mentor who is passionate about empowering women to tap into their individuality and intuition to live a life that is wildly expansive and purposeful. After experiencing burnout and feeling disconnected from who she truly was, she undertook a soul-searching journey. This journey allowed her to tap into intuitive gifts and regain her power, passion & purpose in life. Laura has made it her mission to empower women to do the same.

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