Healing Self Doubt with Fernanda Paz Adams

Welcome, Fernanda Adams - Intuitive Business Coach

Fernanda Paz Adams is an intuitive empowerment coach and energy alchemist. She specializes in helping mom entrepreneurs harness their authentic power, master their mindset, and achieve sustainable success. With a strong emphasis on alignment and balance, Fernanda guides women in business to unlock their inner potential, enabling them to confidently expand their businesses and design life on their own terms. If you're seeking transformative insights and strategies to elevate your mindset and energy, Fernanda is here to inspire and empower.

In This Episode, They Talk About:

  • Tapping into your intuition and soul purpose. Overcoming beliefs that hold you back
  • What is a limiting belief versus feeling scared and it just feels wrong
  • How the body and intuition play together
  • Trusting what your body is saying
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and getting to the root cause by releasing and using tools to rewire limiting beliefs
  • Investing in support and finding value in a coach
  • The difference between a teacher, consultant, and coach
  • Benefits of using a coach that blends in healing work

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Laura is an Energy Healer and Intuitive Business Mentor who is passionate about empowering women to tap into their individuality and intuition to live a life that is wildly expansive and purposeful. After experiencing burnout and feeling disconnected from who she truly was, she undertook a soul-searching journey. This journey allowed her to tap into intuitive gifts and regain her power, passion & purpose in life. Laura has made it her mission to empower women to do the same.

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