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I merge my 10+ years of Business Strategy experience with my understanding of individual energetics to create business coaching experiences (ie: not just another course) that are unique to you & create results for your clients.
I truly believe there are a million + ways to make a million dollars, but it becomes easier to get there when you know how you were designed to create success.

Aligned Business Accelerator


Turning your soul’s purpose into a profitable & scalable business shouldn't have you knocking on the door of burnout or leaving you unfulfilled.

The Aligned Business Accelerator is the fast track to creating massive success in a way that feels exciting and fun!

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Breakthrough HD Session


This 90 min session includes a an overview of your energy type, strategy, authority, profile, 9 energy centres and incarnation cross. As well as, coaching to implement and embody your design in life, work & business. You will also walk away with a 12 page pdf of your reading to refer to after the session.

All the knowledge you need to feel aligned in every area of your life and business.

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Accelerated growth for you & your clients.

I wish I knew what I know now when I started my business.

When I was 3 months into my entrepreneurial journey, I was completely burnt out, bitter and ready to give up on my dream. I had listened to ALL of the successful coaches and I couldn't figure out why this felt so freaking HARD. I was a Business School grad with a ton of Strategy experience. Why wasn't this working for me?
That's when I began diving into my Human Design and suddenly light bulbs started going off in my head. I remember thinking, "Girl, you're a Projector!! You're not meant to operate that way!" I was able to dissect every action that I took in those first 3 months and saw how it was not in alignment with my natural energy. That's why it felt so hard. It had nothing to do with me and my ability to be successful in my business.

I am a 1/3 Emotional Projector, so naturally I ordered every single Human Design book on Amazon and immediately signed up for a course.

I felt so seen and understood as I consumed the content. I began sharing my learnings on social media and before I even offered Human Design services, I had 2 people reach out to me about Human Design Readings. Hello invitations - complete alignment as a Projector!!

Over the next nine months, I worked with 40+ clients through my Human Design Readings and 1-1 Business Coaching.

Just as I saw my business grow in an effortless way, I began seeing my client's businesses grow too. 
I wholeheartedly believe that when you stop seeking answers externally, and start tuning inward, all the power and capability is within you to build the business of your dreams.
✨Sending so much love, Laura

Don't Take My Word For It

10/10 Recommend For All Business Owners

As an entrepreneur I understand the critical importance of self awareness to a) maximize my own potential, b) be a better leader for my team and c) be of better service to my clients.

Working with Laura to help me understand my Human Design opened my eyes to where I have been robbing myself & others of my own level of impact by understanding where I haven’t stepped into my fullest potential.

She also made it clear where and how I am operating outside of my own sweet spots. Having a Human Design reading with Laura wasn’t just fascinating, it was game changing for me both personally and professionally.

I’m thrilled at the idea of what has been cracked open for me! 10/10 recommend for all business owners!

Sarah Swain

Publisher & Business Coach

Absolute Life Changer

Working with Laura as a 1:1 client has been an absolute life changer for me. And I know people throw that kind of phrasing around a lot but with her it truly is that level of experience.

The knowledge and understanding she has of Human Design is so extensive. But beyond that, she truly helps you not only understand the concepts but implement them into your business and your life.

And that is the beauty of working with her 1:1, you can utilize her knowledge and support for any area that you need help with. In the 3 months we have worked together, we have discussed business strategy, limiting beliefs, fears, how I should be making decisions, optimizing my business, finding balance between work and mom life, crafting offers and so much more.

And as incredible as our calls are, a lot of my processing and implementing happens after our calls are done which is why having access to voice chats throughout the week with her has been instrumental to helping me work through the concepts and blocks that come up during our calls. I am so eternally grateful to Laura for her guidance and support!

Fernanda Paz Adams

NWM Mentor

I Felt So Seen

I recently had a human design reading with Laura - and wow! I don't know how else to describe it other than I felt so SEEN. She read me like a book and tapped into qualities in me that rather than continue to hide, she encouraged me to step into.

As a result of such an amazing experience, I booked a business consultation with her so she could use my human design to guide ME specifically how to best run my business and move forward with actionable items I have been stuck on. Thanks to Laura I move forward intentionally and confidently.

Cheryl Goetz

Realtor and Founder of At Home Co

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