HD Foundations & Lessons Learned

Today, Laura shares an introduction to the foundations of human design and interpretations from her chart. Including, the impact that human design has had on her personal life, relationships, career, and family.

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In this episode, Laura shares:

  • Human Design or Personality Test
  • The unearthing of HD
  • Human Design: the experiment for what you believe to be true
  • Your Aura, aka Energy Type
  • The real brain, aka Authority
  • Conscious & Unconcious Personality, aka the Profile
  • Is this me or my conditioning, aka Energy Centres
  • What am I here to do? The Incarnation Cross
  • The experiment: Life lessons interpretations of a 1/3 Emotional Projector


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In This Episode:

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Laura is a Human Design Expert, Reiki Master Practitioner, Business Coach, & Best Selling Author who is passionate about empowering women to tap into their individuality and intuition to live a life that is wildly expansive and purposeful. Laura undertook a soul-searching journey to find her purpose, leading to a major personal transformation. In the process, she found Human Design, which helped her heal a lot of the conditioning placed upon her growing up. This allowed her to tap into her most authentic self and regain her power, passion & purpose in life. Laura has made it her mission to empower women to do the same.