Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with 1/3 Self Projected Projector Brittany Schmidt

Welcome, 1/3 Self Projected Projector Brittany Schmidt real estate agent & spiritual healer.

Brittany is an intuitive realtor and spiritual healer. She is a best=selling author and Amazon seller who focuses on empowering people to move into their most authentic expression of themselves while gaining confidence using self-awareness and spiritual guidance.

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 In This Episode, They Talk About:

  • To feel & allow yourself to trust your intuition
  • Projector-ness! Speaking your gospel in your power
  • Getting out of your head & leaning into the Intuitive Knowing
  • Clairvoyant messages??
  • The Projector Sensitivities
  • Effects of clean eating on your gifts
  • Sober curiosity & bubbly water to cure FOMO
  • Defined throat & healing through words
  • Ohh, the stories we create
  • Is this reality? Is there evidence? Is this a story I am choosing to believe?
  • Protect your energy | permission to mute
  • Leave everything a little bit better than you found it

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In This Episode:

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