Microdosing for anxiety with 2/4 Splenic Projector Julie Hagen

Welcome 2/4 Splenic Projector Julie Hagen

Julie is a former lawyer turned micro-dosing mentor who is obsessed with helping you live your most powerful, present, and awe-inspired with an intentional, guided micro-dosing practice. She has a science background that led her to dive deep into the “how” behind the magic and that has informed her guided micro-dosing program that has helped people break out of decades plus of depression, reach new levels in their business, feel like themselves again… the list goes on!! Julie is an advocate for this beautiful, natural medicine and knows most people can benefit from incorporating it into their lives.


Find Complete Show Notes Here: https://www.lauralorentz.com/podcasts/empowered-essence


In This Episode, They Talk About:

  • Divine timing in finding modalities
  • Higher consciousness in business
  • Microdosing for creativity
  • Creating entropy through psychedelics
  • Happiness through quieting the DMN
  • Finding presence in your body
  • Brain body dissociation
  • Breathwork for connection & flow
  • Understanding yourself for the greater good
  • Blocked energy centres & manifestation
  • Aligned steps forward, not wondering how

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