Navigating Challenging Times

Today, Laura shares how to navigate challenging times by design.


"It's coming back to what you need and who you are in this moment and not putting pressure on ourselves to have all of the answers and knowing in our souls that whatever comes out of this, you are going to be stronger, you're going to be more wise, you are going to be better off than you were when you started this journey."


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In This Episode, Laura Talks About:

  • Projectors:
  • Recognize expectations to remove pressure
  • Invite play to ignite inspiration
  • Simple steps (one decision at a time) to obtain clarity
  • Being over doing, what does "being" mean to you?
  • Generators & Manifesting Generators:
  • Frustration manifests as impatience
  • Resolve the challenge by returning to your body
  • Permission to expand by sitting in the uncomfortable
  • Remove the uncomfortable by finding joy in the moment or through simple acts
  • Manifestors:
  • Find alone time to hear your body & truth
  • Permission that your thoughts are what matter most
  • Clarity exists within your body. Look there for the solution
  • When you see the solution, you find your personal power
  • Reflectors
  • Release pressure to make decisions before you are ready
  • Be selective in your best environment
  • What energy surrounded by do you need to feel good and find clarity
  • What is right for me? Introspection vs socialization


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Laura is a Human Design Expert, Reiki Master Practitioner, Business Coach, & Best Selling Author who is passionate about empowering women to tap into their individuality and intuition to live a life that is wildly expansive and purposeful. Laura undertook a soul-searching journey to find her purpose, leading to a major personal transformation. In the process, she found Human Design, which helped her heal a lot of the conditioning placed upon her growing up. This allowed her to tap into her most authentic self and regain her power, passion & purpose in life. Laura has made it her mission to empower women to do the same.